I love to laugh. Life's short and I believe happiness is a choice.

I think the better you know a person the more accurately you can portray them. During the initial meeting where I look to identify the client's goals and biggest areas of opportunity I also try to get a sense of what makes them unique. And yes, this process typically involves a few beers :)

I don't think that being reserved or uptight is synonamous with taking your work seriously and providing amazing customer service. I love what I do. It allows me to: be creative, solve interesting problems, manifest artistic visions, come up with and implement sales and marketing strategies with my clients AND best of all... meet and work with enterpreneurs.

Attracting new customers online, social media, search engine optimization and websites in general are often a real source of stress and annoyance for small business owners. I like for my clients to walk away from the experience not only feeling like they got what they wanted but also surprised by how fast and easy the whole thing was.

I got into this line of work after having my own small online business. The worst part of that business was the website. I was lied to, constantly overcharged and had to wait weeks for minor changes. I was never talked to about site usability, analytics, keywords or even the importance of search engine optimization. When I had a bad idea for the site our web guy never said, "that's gonna look like shit," it was just, "ok" and a couple weeks later an invoice. Yes I guess I should have looked into these things myself instead of assuming the people I was paying thousands of dollars would give me the information that I needed but I didn't think I should have to learn all this.

Turns out I did and the more I learned the more obsessed I became with it. I wanted to start playing around with my site's SEO but I couldn't because I didn't know the first thing about building or working on websites. I decided to ditch the original site and made one using SquareSpace. That site soon annoyed me too because the SEO on that REALLY sucked and it cost about $400 a year AND I could never get it to look right.

A couple of years ago I decided that I had to just learn how to make my own site so I could ditch the SquareSpace one. I dreaded it. But then it turned out to be a lot of fun and when I was finished I felt sad. It was then that I realized I liked making websites more than the business I had been tinkering with for about 8 years. A few months later I re-made the site, the first version was hurting my eyes, the second was a huge improvement but now looking at it I find it far too cluttered and the gradients are a bit much.

After making a few sites I went to a full stack web development bootcamp in Toronto during the summer and fall of 2017. I went in saying I wanted to freelance because unlike most people who love making websites I also love the interactions with clients. Also I wasn't strictly interested in learning to code, programming wasn't my passion and it still isn't. If I have an idea or there's something I feel compelled to make then I'll figure out how to do it.

I enjoy the process when it serves the bigger picture and this is why building sites and coming up with strategies for clients to improve their online presence is so much fun for me. I learned SO much in the eight years I worked on my own business and I love being able to use it now to help other people who either have no interest in learning or are just far too busy.

If you think you might want to work with me then email or text to set up a meeting.

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